Getting Ready For Your Appointment at Brides by Francesca

Giovanna Alessandro Bell

Gown shopping is an exciting and fun time for our brides and their families. Although, it is different for everyone, as no two brides are the same!
What does help your bridal shopping experience is if you are organized and open minded to the help and advice from your bridal stylist! Therefore, your bridal stylists at Brides by Francesca have put together their top 5 tips, on how to get the best experience while you are looking for your dream gown!

1. Research the stores you are planning to visit and have a look at the designs they have. One of the first questions we will ask when you arrive in store is what are you looking for in a gown? Having images of gowns you have saved from our website and images from Pinterest and Instagram of gowns or detailing you would like to try on, is a great place to start for your appointment. If it is you first time trying on wedding gowns we definitely recommend trying on a range of different silhouettes, but these images are a great place for your stylist to start to get to know your unique style.
2. Please wear nude underwear! These days, some gowns are sheerer and use softer fabrics than heavily lined gowns in the past, and seeing different coloured or patterned underwear can be distracting for some brides and their guests, so we definitely recommend wearing nude underwear. We also recommend to bring heels if you feel like you would want to go for a walk around the shop in any gowns you are loving to get the feel for how they move. While you are trying on gowns in our store you will be on a podium, as our samples in store are quite long for some brides, but having heels will make the gowns easier to move in and give you a better idea of what the gown will look like on the day.
3. Have your hair in a similar look to how you want it for your wedding day. If you are unsure whether you want your hair up or down yet, bring a hair tie to your appointment so you can try different looks depending on the features of different gowns you try.
4. It’s best to wear minimal jewellery when wedding gown shopping. If you aren’t wearing necklaces or lots of bracelets on your wedding day, we recommend leaving them at home, instead of taking them on and off, especially if you have organized a big day of shopping!
5. Bring your nearest and dearest only. Wedding gown shopping is a pretty intimate experience, so we find that brides who bring 2 to 3 guests that know your personality the best, will usually have a more successful appointment. You should strive to bring the people closest to you who understand that what they like, isn’t always what will suit you or your body shape as the bride.

Most importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy your wedding gown shopping experience, while making memories with those you love!