Bridal Trends for 2022 from your BBF Stylists

Naitiri Back

Wedding celebrations in 2022 are here to make a statement!
We’ve noticed that this years couples are steering away from tradition and instead prioritizing unique details. From bold colours to epic fashion, here are just a few show-stopping wedding trends we are looking forward to seeing in 2022.

Backless wedding gowns are a perennial favourite! To show off your posterior angles, nothing beats a low back, statement illusion, or glittery flourish. It is extremely flattering and makes a statement as you walk down the aisle. For more support, backless dresses must have sleeves, straps, or a higher neckline. 

Whatever time of year, sleeves can always be worn for a romantic and sophisticated, classical look. Designers have opted for gently draped sleeves, experimenting with transparent fabrics to bring the proper amount of whimsicalness to this valued trend of the past. Its reimaged outlook gives a modern twist to this treasured tradition. Even the simplest shapes can benefit from this delicate addition, which can be worn as a long sleeve or a simpler short sleeve. Supplying detachable alternatives are also on the rise, giving the bride the option to remove for the evening celebrations.

Wedding Dresses with clean lines and simple fabrics are the embodiment of elegance. In this instance, less is more. By using good design, simple fabrics such as micado satin or silk, allows for the dress to speak itself. It conveys a timeless, and royal ambiance without needing extravagant detailing to showcase its true beauty and decadence. Adding a pearl veil and accessories can really make these gowns something special.

Trends can give us an insight into upcoming wedding patterns, but a wedding is just that- yours! Make it your own and do it your way. We are here to give you insight and inspiration, and showcase our collection that can potentially become your dream gown.

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