(New York, New York);  A true display of luxury and elegance was the unveiling of Spring/Summer 2020 BERTA CollectionBerta’s latest collection featured pieces that were fresh, exciting, and new yet still lending to the true essence of what BERTA is and is expected to be. Strong, powerful, and confident is the description of Berta’s perennial muse.


Milan has been recognized as the world’s fashion and design capital so it’s only fitting that the brand new BERTA Bridal Couture Spring Summer 2020 collection be inspired by all its greatness. With picturesque landscapes, strong architecture, and a city buzzing with style in every corner it is no wonder that the new BERTA collection fits right in. The S/S 2020 collection is even more jaw dropping than ever before and uncovers a whole new dimension to the BERTA house of couture.

There is a certain wanderlust and vision behind each BERTA creation. The S/S 2020 collection features never before seen silhouettes and fabrics. Re-introducing silk into the collection with the BERTA twist to create a modern and elegant feel, alongside daring cuts and mix of handmade embellishments & embroidery. The true art form behind BERTA’s masterpieces are the blend of fabrics to create such luxe detailed gowns. It’s within each one of these details the true work is defined.

This new bridal couture collection from BERTA is taking it one step further, going deeper into a world of luxury, couture and drama. With extravagant trains, intricate embroidery and embellishment work, all combined in silhouettes that are meant to create a long lasting impression.

Just like the modern and contemporary feel of Milan’s streets – the BERTA 2020 collection creates a traditional yet eye-catching feel proving time and time again how definitive it stands in the bridal industry.

  1. 20-01: Strapless corset style top with mermaid form-fitting skirt. Floral applique with embroidery all over.
  2. 20-02: Halter style fit and flare with sequin fabric detailing and plunging neckline.
  3. 20-03: Strapless corset style top with princess, ball gown skirt. Floral embroidery featuring one-shoulder cascading pattern.  
  4. 20-04:Off the shoulder lace gown with ball gown skirt and waist detailing.   
  5. 20-05:Structured bodice corset with fully beaded detailing all throughout fabric. Featuring a light cape with hints of sparkle detail.  
  6. 20-06: Two tone fitted top with V-neck opening, and ball gown skirt featuring floral appliques throughout fabric.   
  7. 20-07:Long sleeved, plunging neckline, and full skirt with beading and embroidery work on fabric.   
  8. 20-08:Handcrafted strapless gown with beading and a detachable overskirt.  
  9. 20-09:Form fitting with plunging neckline gown and detachable overskirt made with same fabric as dress. Full on glamour and sparkle throughout fabric details. 
  10.  20-10:Handcrafted lace and applique gown with trumpet skirt and plunging neckline.   
  11. 20-11:Corset style top with form fitting skirt and trumpet style. Featuring shoulder detailing and a mix of fabrics with special appliques.   
  12. 20-12:Deep plunging neckline with ball gown style skirt and full on sequin fabric over tulle skirt.  
  13. 20-13:Long sleeve sparkle fit and flare gown featuring a sparkle bodysuit underneath and hint of sheerness in the ball gown style skirt.    
  14. 20-14: Long sleeve, fitted bodice, and full skirt made from a mix of fabrics and hints of sparkle throughout.  
  15. 20-15:Off the shoulder gown with tulle ball gown skirt and floral details all throughout the bodice.   
  16. 20-16:Long sleeve sleek silhouette with beading detail and train. 
  17. 20-17:Sheer floral fabric layer over sequin bodysuit. Plunging neckline and crystal detail on straps. 
  18. 20-18:Long sleeve, plunging neckline, form fitting silhouette with floral applique details and beading all throughout fabric. 
  19. 20-19:Crystal beaded wrap front dress with sequin detailing along neckline and straps. 
  20. 20-20: Silk ball gown style strapless dress with feather sequin detail along hip line and gathering around waist. 
  21. 20-21:Peplum style silk strapless dress with bow detail and corset style bodice.  
  22. 20-22:Long sleeve with plunging V neckline and high slit to waist. Illusion beaded fabric underneath neckline and around waist area. 
  23. 20-23:Strapless silk gathered waist dress with crystal detailing on waist area and a high slit. 
  24. 20-24:Long sleeve blazer dress with pants and corset bodice adorned in crystals.


The sole designer of the fashion house is Berta Balilti, a Shenkar College of design graduate. Berta founded her namesake brand in 2004.  Berta has an avant-gard design style, one that always tests the barriers and boundaries of the modern world of fashion design. Her style of design is famous for bold, sexy and modern fit that incorporates vintage materials and retro styles.  Aside from designing all the collections at the fashion house, Berta oversees the entire production processes in her studio still to this day, when she has over 70 retailers all around the world.  Berta quickly rose to stardom in the fashion world after she managed to surprise even the most veteran fashion editors and bloggers with her artistic approach to high-end fashion. Her collections are considered among the most praised and anticipated in the fashion world.  According to the likes of countless celebrities, media mavens, stylists and industry insiders, Berta is considered today as one of the world’s top-notch designers for bridal and evening wear.


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How to be an Iconic Bride by Keyla Diaz from Tendencias de Bodas

by Keyla Díaz, author of  Tendencias de Bodas

It would seem that choosing the wedding dress of one’s dreams tends to be quite a difficult decision. It is all too easy to fall in love with various styles, all offering you a distinct bridal look. But today we are going to focus in on how to be an iconic bride, and to do that Pronovias will be our closest ally.


The timeless back of Cassie dress from the Atelier Pronovias 2019 Collection

There are three ways to become an iconic bride: like Lady Di you’ve transcended in history and been the face of an entire decade; or like Grace Kelly you’ve swooned the entire world with your beauty and innate elegance, or because you’ve managed to create the perfect iconic bridal look thanks to your wedding dress that not only is fashionable now, but will be many years from now as well.


Colombia from Atelier Pronovias 2019

You would be surprised to know that you don’t have to give up what’s in style currently in order to have a timeless bridal look. Distinguish amongst the fleeting trends and prop yourself up with your personal style, not only in choosing your wedding dress, but also in the choice of your shoes, jewellery, hair and makeup.

The dress

Rocky Barnes in Heaven dress.

Rocky Barnes in Heaven dress.

When it comes to choosing your dress, it is ideal if you imagine designs that are based off a classic cut, that have a trendy touch to them. The trendy touch can come in many shapes or forms – perhaps a new pattern, interesting beading or an innovative fabric. The classic sweetheart or bateau necklines never go out of style, similar to the timelessness of an A-line or princess ball gown.


Rocky Barnes wearing the Heras dress with NYC as her backdrop.

However, there are many other ways to achieve a timeless look for your best day ever, without having to wear a more classic gown. Dresses with detachable overskirts, boleros, removable sleeves, all these versatile elements add a trendy touch to otherwise classic crepe gowns that flatter the female figure. We recommend the sweetheart neckline of Heaven dress (seen above) or the simple yet sophisticated Harpe dress from the Atelier Pronovias 2019 Preview Collection, as seen below, modeled by French blogger Adenorah.

3C7A3221_Harpe dress

The shoes


Backstage of #PronoviasInBloom

Today brides-to-be have endless options for their wedding day footwear. No longer do you have to wear white, now you can opt for pops of color, heels, flats, even boots! Yet, since we are talking about how to create a more iconic bridal look, we recommend a classic, simple white heel, such as an elegant pair of stilettos or a nude strappy sandal, depending on the season and location of your ceremony.

The jewellery

When it comes to timeless brides and what they wear for jewellery, we must highlight the following, always discreet, options: pearls and diamonds. You cannot go wrong with these two accessories. A fine, delicate diamond bracelet, heirloom pearl earrings, or diamond studs, and of course, your precious engagement ring… this is all you need! Think elegance, glamour and sentimental value.


Paulina Goto wearing the Heros dress from the Atelier Pronovias 2019 Preview Collection.

The beauty look


Model Coral Simanovich on her wedding day in her custom Pronovias.

In terms of hair and makeup on your wedding day, forget out the overdone, excessively perfect hair styles. The new classic bridal beauty look is simply sophisiticated and natural. Two perfect examples of modern day iconic bridal beauty looks would be that of Meghan Markle and influencer, Coral Simanovich.

For the makeup, opt for a natural palette, highlighting your best features and making you feel like the best version of yourself for the big day. Don’t overdo it when it comes to lip color; we recommend lip stains or lipsticks in nude, pink or light raspberry shades. Also, make sure to take good care of your skin prior to your wedding (if not always) to ensure that you have a natural glow and radiance.



Top model Romee Strijd prepping backstage of the #PronoviasInBloom fashion show.

For the hairstyling, you have many options in terms of flattering and iconic looks. From wearing your hair down in loose waves to a middle part, or from loose half-up dos or curls with a hair accessory, even a classic low ballerina bun for the most sophisticated brides – you will finish your bridal look off perfectly.

The next iconic bride will be you! Check out our current bridal collections on their website.